I am a horse lover.

I have been all of my life. I remember asking my mom for a horse for Christmas when I was eight years old. We lived in the city but I just figured the horse could stay in our backyard. Needless to say, that didn't quite happen. It wouldn't be until I turned fifteen that I actually did have my own horse. She was with me for four years and then, with college and work and never really having worked much with horses prior to that point, I chose to sell her to some people that would take better care of her than I could. A hard decision but the best decision to make at the time, for her and myself.

But, my love for her kind never waned. And a few years ago, I was finally able to start working with horses again. I've learned a lot since then and know that I have a lot more to learn still. My life feels more full and complete with horses. The beauty, majesty and quiet serenity they naturally carry calms my sometimes restless soul.

As a photographer, I seek to capture those qualities in each image I create, showcasing the best attributes of each individual horse and highlighting the bond that exists between each horse and rider. And I would be honored to work with you and your horse to give you strong, beautiful, classic images that you can treasure for years to come.